Spring Fever! Are you experiencing it? With the advent of spring, we often hear folks say they have spring fever. This real phenomenon affects people in very different ways. Some folks experience a burst of energy and happiness. Others find themselves very tired and grumpy.

Why the big difference? The number of daylight hours is the likely culprit. During the winter, our body runs low in hormones such as serotonin (the stress buster and happiness booster) due to shorter daylight hours and the body produces more of the sleep hormone melatonin. When spring comes, bringing longer and stronger hours of sunlight, the body must adjust. And, it usually takes some time for the body to catch up!

Studies show that depression, manic bipolar episodes and suicide rates increase in the spring. The circadian rhythm of our bodies is experiencing big changes with serotonin and melatonin, causing upset emotions, weakness, and general fatigue.

How can you combat Spring Fever?

There are multiple things to consider, starting first with a conversation with your physician. Be sure there are no other things happening with your health! Here are some great ways to help your body move from winter to spring:

  • Hydration. Be sure to get plenty of water. Tea, coffee, juice or soda don’t count! 

  • Vitamin D. Are you getting enough? Your doctor can run a simple blood test to check levels. 

  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables. Never underestimate the effect of a salad rich in spinach and avocado! 

  • Go nuts! Nuts are great proteins and help improve your energy! 

With the help of your Health and Wellness Coach, you can build habits that will improve your general health and well-being. So many factors affect your physical and mental health. Working with a coach to identify areas that you want to improve will set you up for a successful year!