I have coached many people over the years who are start-up business owners. Three decades of owning a variety of businesses allows me the privilege of sharing what I have learned about what to do or not do.

Often folks ask if they “should” start a business. That’s not really for me to answer. It’s for you to dig in, do the homework and figure out if you have the stamina, curiosity, and the “stick-to-it” to make it happen.

Start by asking yourself: What do I love? What are my goals for both the long and short term? What is my credit history or loan ability? What structure is best suited to my business? What are the laws and regulations that I will need to abide by?

A good business coach can help you answer those important questions as well as guide you to others that you might not have even thought about. Not every business requires significant start-up cash or has a ton of regulations surrounding it.

Your business coach provides assistance in multiple phases of the process and can save you time and money. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! The investment will be well worth it, by helping you navigate the details freeing up your time to focus on your new adventure!