WHOA….Coaching is available to help me get control of my money? It sure is.

As a coach, I am not a physician or a magician, but I can support you in creating systems and finding ways to overcome your financial issues.

Did you know that approximately 60% of employed U.S. adults live paycheck to paycheck? When ends don’t meet, it can be incredibly stressful.

But often, our struggles with money aren’t really about the money. They are about our relationship with money. Our thoughts around the value of money create the habits of how we spend or save.

As a coach, I focus on human emotions and how they relate to money. I refer to money as secondary food. It’s a force that influences all aspects of our lives, positively or negatively. Therefore, having a healthy attitude and good habits around money is important to our general well-being.

One way to start addressing your relationship with money is to track all income and expenses. KNOW what you have and where you spend it. That’s the beginning. Your coach should assist you in becoming more aware of your habits, defining your financial goals and helping you create systems that lead to better financial health so you can start on the road toward achieving your long-term goals.

Coaches are different from financial advisors. We don’t recommend specific investments or manage portfolios. Instead, we help empower you to take charge of your financial life.

Don’t struggle in 2024. Let’s get together and grow!