When I talk with people about being a health and wellness coach, I often hear that they don’t understand how this could be a “field” and why anyone would use a coach.

As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBCHWC), I’ve trained for a long time to be able to answer the questions around this. More importantly, I’ve worked with enough people to know the benefits. And I’ve worked for years with my own coach, so I know firsthand how it helped me.

Sometimes a person gets stuck on how to do what they want to do. And we must remember, it’s not always about losing weight! Which is what people immediately think when I tell them that I am a health coach. People have many reasons why they contact a health coach. They may want to improve their diet, experience the outdoors more or create better sleep habits. They may want to work with a coach for a short time to achieve one goal or they may be looking to change a lifetime of habits and routines. I initially sought to take better care of myself by exercising more. Working with a coach helped me set boundaries around my quiet time, exercise time, and work schedule. Setting boundaries allowed me to protect my workout time, which I previously tended to put on the back burner if something else came up. Learning to create and hold the boundary without feeling guilty was critical to my success. This important new skill then flowed over into other areas of my life, helping me to achieve different goals.

A coach is a solid, safe place for you to talk through, create new, and grow YOU. My Highway to Well series is great for connecting with the coaching experience for the first time to see what it can do for you.

The good news is that board-certified coaches are nearing the finish line on having CPT codes for billing insurance companies for their work. This will open the door for more people to access a coach of their choosing. Many insurance companies have coaches on staff now, realizing the cost benefits over the long run. Statistics show that helping folks improve their overall well-being drastically reduces the expenses in healthcare costs.

Finances aside, coaching can help you achieve the wellness you want in your life, and that’s the most important benefit. It’s exciting to think about what’s possible with a coach on your team! NO SPEED LIMIT specializes in custom plans at YOUR PACE. Let’s do something together soon! Contact me to learn more!