I’ve always been a believer that anything is possible if I set my mind to it and that any knowledge, skills and achievements you pick up along the way, should be shared with others. So, for more than two decades, as a certified safety specialist, I’ve been training people in how to maintain safe workplaces and communities. As a business owner, I’ve shared my knowledge for many years with my local chamber of commerce, as a consultant to the State of Alaska, and by offering customized courses to help others grow their businesses.

So when I committed to my own health and wellness a few years ago and then consistently found success – feeling and looking better than I had in a long time, within months – I wanted to share what I learned along the way.

After many weekends and late nights of homework and study, on March 25, I graduated with a certificate in health coaching
through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition.

To implement my new skillset, I recently launched NO SPEED LIMIT, a coaching business, and am now taking clients for the 6-month program.

Health coaching is so much more than food and nutrition. One thing I am finding that I love is how the body can do so much to heal itself when given half a chance. Getting folks on track with not just food, but sleep, water and exercise, can improve their whole outlook on work, family and many other aspects of their life.

While much of my focus is on health, I also offer business and life coaching. I am available to work one on one, coordinate with corporate wellness programs or lead group coaching programs.

Contact me at (907) 228-6166 and let’s get started working together to help you achieve your best life.