Who are you meant to be? Who do you desire to be? Are you stuck in the humdrum of just making a living, getting a job done to get a paycheck? What would it feel like if you viewed your work through the lens of the customer who receives the benefit of your work? If you saw your work as a customer who is delighted with the result, how might you feel about what you have accomplished in your career? Would you feel like you are where you want to be doing what you want to be doing?

These are BIG questions that take more than a simple article to answer and ones that I cannot answer for you. I believe it comes down to your WHY. When we are young, we want to be police officers, teachers or movie stars. But, then life happens and many of us end up doing something very different to what we imagined we would be doing. ALL GOOD. But if you still dream of something different, it’s not too late!

Perhaps the only reason you are not a movie star is because you stopped trying to be one. So maybe you won’t make the big screen, but if your true WHY was to share in creative arts on stage, you still have opportunities to explore local theater, poetry slams, or even use your talents in live presentations about the work you are currently doing! You can still be the actor/movie star you want to be.

Police officer? There are lots of ways to serve your community in reserves, auxiliaries and YES…. If being a cop is your thing, find out how to go about doing that!

Teachers are in short supply and the world is changing the requirements all the time. Teaching does not have to be in a traditional role… teach elders, mentor students, help new business owners…. BE A TEACHER.

What matters is that you get clear with yourself on what it is you want from your life. And find a way to do it. Coaches help you achieve these goals by getting rid of the clutter in your head about why you can’t. We find a way so that you can.